Fuootech FTHS-2 SF6氟化硫气体抽真空回收系统和加注装置 (2 m³/h)

Technical parameter of the equipmen

Capacity: 2 m³/h

Recovery pressure: ≤0.05 MPa

1m³ gas recovery time (initial pressure 0.6MPa): ≤3 h/m³

Final pressure: 0~0.8 MPa Adjustable

1m³ gas injection time(initial pressure 133Pa to 0.6MPa): ≤3 h/m³

The time required for 1m³ volume vacuity form 0.1MPa to 133 Pa: ≤1 h

Ultimate vacuum: ≤10 Pa

Gasification way: Electric Heating

Liquefaction way: High pressure condensation liquefaction

Dry filter regeneration mode: Vacuum activation regeneration

External dimensions (including storage tank rack): 1000*800*1500

Working power: (380V-50Hz) 3Phase 4 Wires, or as per buyer's option

Total electrical power: 5 KW

Performance Index

SF6 Gas purity after recovery: 60 PPM

Oil content: 5 PPM

Impurities: 1 μm

Technical Performance

Type: High pressure liquefaction, mobile

Working Environmental Temperature: -10℃~45℃

Recovery: Initial pressure: 0.8

Final pressure: ≤0.03 (Mpa)

Time to recover 1 m³ gas: ≤0.3 (h/ m³)

Filling: Initial pressure: ≤133 (PA)

Final pressure: 0~1 Mpa (adjustable)

Time to fill 1 m³ gas: ≤0.3 (h/m³)

Time for pumping vacuum from 0.1Mpa to 133Pa(h/m³): ≤0.3

Limit vacuum: ≤10 (Pa)

Increasing value in 24 hours for the vacuum keeping at 133PA: ≤400 (Pa)

Gas purity after recovery SF6: Water content: ≤60 (PPM/V)

Oil content: ≤10 (PMM/W)

Storing tank: Dust: ≤1 (μm)

Storage method: Liquid gas

Pressure: 5 (Mpa)

Volume: 110; 200; 300 (L)

Liquid volume: 100; 180; 280 (Kg)

Liquefaction method: High pressure condensing

Vaporization method: Heating with electricity

Dry filter regeneration: Vacuum heating activation regeneration

Power: According to your requirement

Total power: ≤18 (KW)

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