Fuootech KVT-4000 Astm D445 石油产品运动粘度浴 ( -60 ~ 99 ℃)

Performance Standards: GB265-88, GB1814, ASTM D445, IP71, etc.

Capillary Viscometer: Conform to SH/T0173-92 Technical Conditions of Glass Capillary Viscometer, Conform to JJG155 Verification Regulation of Routine Capillary Viscometer

Method of Display: 7 inch color LCD

Temperature Control Range: -60 ~ 99℃

Testing Range: Kinematic Viscosity:0.5~20000mm2/s, Kinetic Viscosity:0.3~40000mPa.s

Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0.1℃

Timing Accuracy: ±0.1S

Timing Range: 0.1S-999.9S

Homoeothermic Bathtub: 300×300mm double layer

Printer: Thermal printer, high-speed and lower consumption, with 55 millimeter-wide printing paper

Temperature Testing Components: Precise imported platinum electric resistance

Stirring Speed: 1520 r/min

Heating power: 800W

Sample Installing Quantities: 4 pieces

Working environment: Temperature: 0℃~40℃ relative humidity: <80%

Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz

Dimension(largest): 560*370*520(L*W*H)

Weight: 20Kg

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