Gastec 127P 检测对二氯苯气体管C6H4Cl2(100-3000μg/m3)

Calibration Range: 100-3000μg/m3
Measuring Range: 100-3000μg/m3
Sampling (flow) Rate: 100mL/min
Sampling Volume: 3000mL
Sampling Time: 30 min
Colour Change: yellow → Pale reddish purple
Nr. of tests: 5 tubes
Automatic Gas Sampler: GSP-300FT-2



Calibration Range 100-3000μg/m3
Measuring Range 100-3000μg/m3
Sampling (flow) Rate 100mL/min
Sampling Volume 3000mL
Sampling Time 30min
Detecting Limit 20μg/m3 (3000mL)
Colour Change yellow → Pale reddish purple
Corrections for temperature/humidity Necessary for 5 to 35 ºC
Unnecessary for R.H.20 to 80%
Shelf life 2 years
Possibly coexisting substances and their interferences (NOTE)
Substance(s) Interference Colour change by itself
Ammonia   No No
Hydrogen chloride, Chlorine   No No
Nitrogen oxides   No No
Vinyl chloride   + Pale reddish purple
1,2-Dichloroethylene   + Pale reddish purple
Trichloroethylene   + Pale reddish purple
Tetrachloroethylene   + Pale reddish purple
1,1,1-Trichloroethane   No No
Aromatic hydrocarbons   No No
Formaldehyde   No No
Calibration gas generation Permeation tube method
Electric sampling pump
This detector tube is suited for measuring p-dichlorobenzene in indoor environments. The GSP-200 / GSP-300FT-2 series automatic gas samplers (or comparable sampling devices/pumps) should always be used for optimal performance.
A deviation of +/-10% in the sampling flowrate (i.e. amount of air flowing through the tube at a given moment) or the sampling amount (total sampled amount of target substance) causes an average margin of error of approx. +/-10% (maximum +/-20%) in the indicated value.
TLV-TWA TLV-STEL Explosive range
10ppm 。シ。シ 2.5 - 16%


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