Gastec 2LL 二氧化碳检测管CO2(300-5000 ppm)

Indicator: 300-5000 ppm
Measuring Range: 300-5000 ppm, Number of Pump Strokes 1
Sampling Time: 1.5 minutes per pump stroke
Colour Change: Pale blue → Purple
Reaction Principle: CO2 + N2H4 → NH2NHCOOH
Coefficient of Variation: 10% (300 ~ 1000 ppm), 5% (1000 ~ 5000 ppm)
Nr. of tests: 10
Pump: GV-100S/110S




Manual tube

Measuring Range 300 to 5000 ppm
Number of Pump Strokes 300 to 5000 ppm (n=1)
Correction Factor 1
Sampling Time 1.5 minutes per pump stroke
Detecting Limit 30 ppm (n=1)
Colour Change Pale blue → Purple
Reaction Principle CO2 + N2H4 → NH2NHCOOH
Coefficient of Variation 10% (for 300 to 1000 ppm), 5% (for 1000 to 5000 ppm)
Shelf Life 3 Years
Corrections for temperature & humidity Unnecessary
Store the tubes at cool and dark place.
Possible coexisting substances and their interferences (NOTE)
Substance Concentration Interference Change colour by itself to
Ammonia   No No
Carbon Monoxide   No No
Chlorine   No No
Hydrogen chloride   No No
Nitrogen oxides   No No
sulphur dioxide   No No
Amines   No No
Organic solvents   No No
Calibration gas generation High pressure gas cylinder method
TLV-TWA TLV-STEL Explosive range
5000 ppm(2014) 30000 ppm(2014) -


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