Genvolt 20kW 高压变压器整流器高压(10-50kV)

Power rating: 20kW

Frequency of operation: 20kHz

Output voltage: 33kVDC on full load

Average current: 600mA max.

Input voltage: 450V peak to peak

Primary current: Quasi sine wave (zero voltage switching)

Leakage inductance: <25uH

Pulse load current: 20A max.

Primary average current: 60A max.

Primary pulse current: 160A max.

Dimensions: 365W x 525D x 407H

Material: Stainless steel

Weight: 80kg max.

High temperature operation: +55°C

High temperature storage: +70°C

Low temperature operation: -20°C

Low temperature storage: 30°C

Relative humidity test: 95% RH at 40°C Non-condensing



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