Genvolt AF04 / AF04B 高压模块/输出功率(100W)

Input Specifications

Input voltage: 110Vac or 220Vac

Input current: Less than 400mA at 220Vac

Input frequency: 50Hz

Output Voltage Range

AF04 4/8kV: Collector / Ionizer 4kV/8kV

AF04 4.5/9kV: Collector / Ionizer 4.5kV/9kV

AF04 5/10kV: Collector / Ionizer 5kV/10kV

AF04 5.5/11kV: Collector / Ionizer 5.5kV/11kV

AF04 6/12kV: Collector / Ionizer 6 kV /12kV

Output Specifications

Load regulation: Less than 0.1%

Line regulation: Less than 0.1%

Temperature drift: Less than 400ppm/°C when operating < 55°C

Voltage ripple: Less than 0.3% at full load

Operating temperature: 0 to 55°C

Storage temperature: -20 to 80°C

Weight: 0.6kg

Width: 120.0mm

Length: 200.0mm

Height: 40.0mm

Enclosure material: Aluminium alloy

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