Genvolt Mercury 高压电源(150W-1000W)

Supply voltage: 198 to 264 VAC, 45 to 60Hz.

Output voltage: Up to 120kV (150kV) DC positive or negative polarity.

Output current: Maximum of 4mA

Accuracy: The voltage and current are within 5% FSD of the demand value.

Rise time: 300msec from HV On command into 30pF load.

Control: By operator’s control unit or remote interface. 

The Mercury is available in three basic modules:

1) 150kV, 960W provides 8mA up to 120kV with linear de-rating to 6mA at 150kV.

2) 120kV, 480W provides 4mA up to 120kV with linear de-rating to 3mA at 150kV.

3) 100/120kV, 200W provides 2.5mA up to 80kV with linear de-rating to 1.8mA at 100kV.

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