Geomaster GTS-602R Reflectorless Total Station

Angle Measurement
Accuracy: 2"
Measurement Mode: Absolute Encoding
Measuring Units: 100%,360°,400gon, mil
Minimum Reading: Optional: 1",5"or 10"
Measurement Time: 0.1 sec Diameter of Circles (HZ and W) 79mm 
Compensation Style: Double Axis 
Compensation Range: ± 3'
Compensation Accuracy: ± 1" 
Magnification: 30x 
Image: Erect 
Objective Aperture: 45mm 
Tube Length: 150mm
Field of View: 1°30' 
Resolution Power: 4" 
Shortest Focusing Distance: 1.5m
Distance Measurement (undergood weather conditions)
Measuring Accuracy: ±(2mm+2ppmxD)
Measuring Range
Reflectorless: 350m
W. Retro Sheet: 600m
W.Single Prism: up to 5000m by using 2"-3" Single Prism up to 3500m by using 4"-5" Single Prism
Measuring Time
Fine Mode: 1.8sec (repeated) (initial 2.5sec)
Rapid Mode: 0.9sec (repeated) (initial 2.5sec)
Tracking mode: 0.4sec (initial 1.6sec)
Minimum Measuring Display: 1mm (Fine Mode, Rapid Mode, Tracking Mode)
Max Display: Distance: 4999.999; Coordinates: 9999999.999
Distance Measuring Unit: in Miretric or English System
Atmospheric Correction: Automatic correction by inputting parameters
Prism Constant Correction: Automatic correction by inputting parameters
Communication (Data Transmission)
LCD and Keyboard: 2 sided, Black and White; Pixel 192x64; graphic, numeric keys and functional Keys (26)
Data Interface: RS-232, USB
Data Format: ASCII, DXF, CSV, PTS
Memory Internal Standard: 50000 Points External Optional: 16GSD Card
Laser Plummet (built-in, default)
Laser Source: 630-670mm, Class II; output: <0.4mW
Dot Diameter: ≤ 3mm at 1.5m
Accuracy: ±1.5mm at 1.5m 
Optical Plummet (optional)
Image: Erect 
Magnification : 3X 
Field of View: 5° 
Focusing Range 0.5m-∞
Level (Bubble, Vial)
Plate Level: 30"/2mm 
Circular Level: 8/2mm
Power Supply
Adaptor (Charger): Model: CHR-600; input:100-240v,50-60Hz
Battery Type (Optional): BDC18H: Rechargeable Ni-H: 1.80Ah, DC7.2V
Operating Time: BDC18H: approx. 4.5hrs for distance and antige measurements 
Ambient Conditions 
Operating Temperature: 20°C-50°C 
Storage Temperature: 20°C-55°C
Waterproof and Dustproof: IPx4
Standard Accessories
Adaptor (incl. Power Cable), BDC18H Batteries (2pcs), 16GSD CardData-trasmission Cable DTC600, 
Rain Cover, Tools Bag, User Manual, Plastic Carrying Case PCC-600
Recommended Tripod: Please refer to "Surveying Tripods"
Packing Details
Instrument Dimensions: 190mm X210mm x350mm
Instrument Net Weight: 6Kg
1 pc per Carton; G.VV.:13kg per Carton;
Dimensions per Carton: 0.12cbm (0.55cmx0.38cmx0.56cm)

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