GESTER GT-A06-1 Electronic Yarn Wrap Reel Machine

Reel circumference: 1000mm(metric system)

Rev of reel: 25-300 RPM (numeric pre-settable)

Interval of spindle: 65cm

Number of wrap: 2-9999 Rev(pre-settable)

Programmable stop: 1-9 rev(pre-settable)

Traveling reciprocating distance: 35mm±1mm

Reeling pre-tension: 0-100cN (pre-settable)

No. of bobbin to be tested: 6 (10 can be customized)

Dimensions: 780 x 660 x 480mm ( L x W x H )

Weight: 60kg

Standards: ISO 2060, ASTM D1907, GB/T4743, GB/T6838



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