GESTER GT-C47B 低温耐挠曲测试仪 (498±24 rpm/min)

Clamps: 10Sets (stainless steel )

Rotate Speed: 8.3Hz±0.4Hz (498±24r/min)

External Diameter of the Cylinder: 25.4mm±0.1mm

Test Track: Arc-shaped, R460mm

Test Stroke: 11.7mm±0.35mm

Lathedog Width: 10mm±1mm

Inner Distance of the Lathedog: 36mm±1mm

Size of the Specimen: 50mm×105mm

Counter: LCD, 0 - 999,999.( Adjustment)

Temperature Control System: Programmable Microprocessor Control (Touch Screen)

Temperature range: -30~100℃

Power Supply: 1∮AC220V 50/60HZ

Weight: 300kg

Standard: ISO 7854, BS 3424: Part 9, GB/T 12586, EN 14325



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