GESTER GT-CN01-5 Nonwovens Strength Tester (50N)

Testing Range: 50N

Force Measure Range: 1%~100% of the Testing Range

Operating Mode: Constant velocity extension principle(CRE), microcomputer control, LCD Chinese display, support online communication

Sampling Frequency: 1000 times/second

Stretching Speed: 50~1000mm/min

Maximum Elongation: 800mm

Clamp Width: 60mm

Test Accuracy: ≤0.2%F•S

Dimensions: 520×400×1600mm

Power Supply: AC220V  50HZ  200W

Weight: 60kg

Standards: GB/T3923.1/2, FZ/T 01085, FZ/T 80007.1, AATCC 136, FZ/T 01010, FZ/T60011



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