GESTER GT-D34 Fabric Wascator Automatic Shrinkage Tester

Washing model: front-loading, horizontal tumbling-box type

Diameter of tumbling-box: 520±1mm

Depth of tumbling-box: 315±1mm

Number of Lifter: 3

Height of Lifter: 53±1mm

Rotating method normal model:   

  • Clockwise Rotating : 12±0.1s,  pause 3±0.1s 

  • Anticlockwise:12±0.1s,  pause 3±0.1s

Rotating Soft model:  

  • Clockwise Rotating: 3±0.1s,   pause 12±0.1s       

  • Anticlockwise Rotating: 3±0.1s,   pause 12±0.1s

Fill water time: < 2min (water in high level 13cm)

Drainage duration: < 1min (water in high level 13cm)

Heating power: 5.4±2%KW

Load weight: 5kg

Power supply: Ac 380V 50Hz 6500W

Instrument size: 990×980×1450mm(L×W×H)

Weight: 280kg



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