GESTER GT-RA08A 防护服和面罩泄漏测试仪 (0.001~200)mg/m3)

To test protective clothing against solid airborne particles including radioactive contamination

Environmental Requirement:

Working temperature: (20±5)℃

Humidity: ≤60%

Used space: ≥4000×5000×3000mm, water in/drain pipe, room with good ventilation

Walked-in Testing Room:

  • Inner effective size: 1800mm×1500mm×2100mm(L×W×H)

  • Outer size of testing room: 1950mm×1650mm×2500mm(L×W×H)

  • Control cabinet: 700mm×700mm×1600mm(L×W×H)

Environmental Analog detection system:

  • Particle aerosol concentration: (10±1) mg/mPP3

  • Aerodynamics size distribution of particle:(0.02~2)μm

  • Mass median diameter: About 0. 6μm

  • Concentration variation in effective space: ≤10%

  • Occurrence amount: ≥100L/min

Particle Concentration Detector:

  • Dynamic range: (0.001~200)mg/m3

  • Accuracy: ±1%

  • Response time: ≤500 ms

Other Accessories: Air duct circulation and maintenance of cleaning equipment



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