GESTER GT-RA09D-2 微粒过滤效率测试仪

Suitable for rapid, accurate and stable detection of the filtration efficiency of various medical and daily protective masks, respirators, etc

Aerosol: Salt

Efficiency detection: Particle counter (0.3-10μm)

Control model: PLC Touch screen control

Aerosol Channel: One

Test flow range: 15L / min ~ 100L / min, accuracy 2%

The air flow cross-sectional area: 100cm²

Resistance test range: 0 ~ 1000Pa, accuracy can reach 0.1Pa

Filtration efficiency test range: 0 ~ 99.999%, resolution 0.001%

Test time: Separate resistance test: 5s

Simultaneous efficiency and resistance test: 70s

Power supply: 1phase 220V 50Hz



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