GESTER GT-RA13 口罩堵塞测试仪

Dust: DRB 4/5 dolomite

Dust Distributor:

Particle size range: 0.1μm~10μm

Mass Flow Range: 40mg/h---400mg/h

Breathing Machine:


Frequency: 10times/min

Exhaled Air Temperature: (37±2)°C

Exhaled Air Humidity: 95% R.H minimum

Continuous Flow Through the dust chamber: 60 m3/ h, linear velocity: 4cm/s

Concentration of the Dust: (400±100)mg / m3

Test Chamber:

Inner Dimension: 650 mm×650 mm×700 mm

Airflow: 60 m3/ h,linear velocity: 4cm/s

Air Temperature: (23±2)°C

Air Humidity: (45±15)%

Respiratory Resistance Measurement Range: 0~2000Pa, accuracy: 0.1Pa

Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz, 1KW

External Dimension: 800mm×600mm×1650mm



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