GESTER GT-RA15 防水细菌渗透测试仪

Used to measure the penetration performance of bacteria in the liquid when the material is subjected to mechanical friction (the shielding performance of the liquid against bacterial penetration by the mechanical friction chamber); It is mainly used for medical operation, operating clothes and clean clothes, etc.

Rotation Time of Rotating Table: Automatically controlled by the timer

Test Finger Working Pressure to the Material: Adjustable

Material of the Test Parts: Corrosion-resistant stainless steel

Rotary speed: (60 ± 1) RPM

Test Finger Pressure on the Material: (3±0.02) N

The Rotation Speed of the Outer Wheel: 5 ~ 6 RPM

The Timer Setting Range: 0 ~ 99.99min  

Total Weight of Inner and Outer Ring: (800±1) g



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