GESTER GT-UA03 单柱拉伸试验机

Applied to the test of mechanical property like tension, compression, bending, shear , tear, peel of materials such as rubber, plastic, aluminum tube, composite materials, waterproof materials, prevention material, yarn, fiber, wire and cable, paper, spring, wood, packaging materials, adhesive tape, etc

Capacity: 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1KN, 2KN, 2.5KN, 5KN

Display: Computer display

Force Resolution: 1/100,000

Force Accuracy: ≤+/-0.5%

Stroke Range: 1000mm

Stroke Resolution: 0.001 mm

Test Speed: 0.001-1000mm/min can set on display, with up & down fast adjustment button of grips

Force Unit Switch: Kgf, N, Ibf, g, ton, Mpa

Stop Mode: Overload stop, emergency stop button. specimen damage automatic stop

Machine Drive: Servo motor drive, synchronous wheel and precision ball screw drive

Power: 120W

Power Supply: AC 220V 50-60HZ 10A

Dimensions: Approx 50x40x145 cm

Weight: 60kg

Standards accessories:

  • Manual grips

  • Load cell

  • English operation software

  • Cable connect with PC

Option accessories:

  • Desk top computer

  • Other grips



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