GESTER QBZY-2 自动表面张力计 (0~400mN/m)

Test Mode: Platinum Plate, Platinum Rings or two combinations

Operation Method: Sample Stage automatic lifting

Display Method: Wide Angle backlit LCD display, digital display

Test Range(mN/m):0~400

A key to reset Range: 0~400

Sensitivity(mN/m): 0.01

Accuracy(mN/m): 0.04

Repeatability (mN/m): 0.04

Full range automatic calibration: Yes

Accuracy automatic calibration:Yes

Automatic Temperature Compensation: Yes

Data output interface: RS232 / USB2.0

Data processing software: Yes

Sample temperature range (℃): 0~110 (Should equipped with sample thermostatic cup and thermostatic bath)



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