GFL 3040 架空转子震动器(1 - 20 rpm,模拟控制)

Load capacity: 20 kg
Control: analogue
Shaking platform: max. diameter: 110 mm Ø x max. height: 270 mm
Shaking frequency: 1 - 20 rpm 
Ambient temperature: +10 °C to +40 °C 
Exterior dimensions (W x D x H): 770 x 700 x 715 mm 
Electrical connection: 230 V / 50...60 Hz / 100 W
Gross weight: 78 kg



 Specifications and features
    Rugged design, easy operation, multi-purpose.
    Electronic speed control, stepless.
    Clearly laid out control panel for easy operation.
    A DC (direct current) motor with overload protection drives the unit.
    Constant speed during continuous operation.
    Compact, low-wear counterbalanced drive mechanism.
    Rotating rack with ball bearings on both sides, able to accomodate max. 12 flasks/vessels up to a diameter of 110 mm and a heigth of 270 mm.
    Holding device made of stainless steel for safe, secure clamping of the sample vessels.
    Housing made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, powder-coated.
    A symmetric loading on all four levels has to be ensured.
Applications: The uniform rotating motion of this special Shaker make it particularly well-suited for processing soil samples in glass/plastic wide-mouth vessels with up to 2000 ml rated volume as per DIN 38414, Part 4 "German Standard Methods for Water, Wastewater and Sludge Analysis - Determination of Leachability by Water". This unit can be used in ambient temperatures between +10 and +40 °C.

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