GFUVE FQ-RCTA03 Flexible Rogowski Coil Measurement Current AC Transformer CT (60A/600A/6000A)


Current range: 60A/600A/6000A (10%~100%In)

Output sensitivity: 50mV/A, 5mV/A, 0.5mV/A

Accuracy: ±1%(10%~100%In) @45-65Hz

Phase error: 

        ±1°(10%~100%In) @45-65Hz

        10°@ 20kHz

Linearity error: ±0.2%(10%~100%In)

Position Sensitivity: ±2%(The distance from the measured Cable to the junction is above 20mm)

External Influence: ±1% Max(More than 200mm from the coil)

Noise: 8mV rms(60A); 2 mV rms (60A)

Temperature coefficient: ±0.08%/°C of the reading data

Frequency Range: 10Hz to 20Hz(-3dB)

Load impedance: Min 100KΩ

Power supply: 2*AA|MN1500|LR6 Batter y(400 hrs)

External adapter: 4.5V DC

Power LED Indicator: 

        ON indication When normal power (Red light goes off after 3 seconds)

        Low battery indication(Red is always on)

Overload LED indicator: Overload above 120% of the range indication(Yellow)

Operating voltage: 600V AC RMS or DC

Security level: IEC61010-1:2001,600V CAT III


Cable length: 3m (Measuring head to the electronics module)

Output terminals: 0.5m cable with Safety BNC plug

Weight: 230g (Measuring head),130g (Electronic modules)



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