GFUVE GF1000 Stationary Multi-Positions Single Phase Kwh Meter Test Bench (AC 480V 120A)


Accuracy: 0.02%, 0.05%, 0.1%

Power Supply: AC 180-265V, or 3×220/380V±15%, frequency 50/60Hz.

AC Voltage Output

Range: 57.7V, 100V, 220V, 380V (max 480V)

Adjustment range: (0-120)%RG(1)

Adjustment fineness: 0.01%RG, 0.1%RG, 1%RG, 10%RG as optional.

Stability: 0.01%/120s

Distortion: 0.3% (Non-capacitive load)

Output load: 1500VA or customized

Measuring accuracy: 0.05%RG

AC Current Output

Range(I1,I2,I3): 0.1A, 0.25A, 0.5A, 1A, 2.5A, 5A, 10A, 25A, 50A, 100A, 120A

Adjustment range: (0-120)%RG

Adjustment fineness: 0.01%RG, 0.1%RG, 1%RG, 10%RG as optional.

Stability: <0.01%/120s

Distortion: ≤0.3% (Non-capacitive load)

Output load: 1500VA or customized

Accuracy: 0.05%RG

Power Output

Active power output stability: <0.01%RG/120s

Reactive power output stability: <0.02%RG/120s

Active power measuring accuracy: 0.05%RG

Reactive power measuring accuracy: 0.1%RG

Phase Output

Output adjustment range: 0°-359.999°

Output adjustment fineness: 10, 1, 0.1, 0.01 as optional.

Resolution: 0.01°

Accuracy: 0.05°

Power Factor

Adjustment range: -1 ~ 0 ~ 1

Resolution: 0.0001

Measurement accuracy: 0. 0005

Frequency Output

Adjustment range: 40Hz-70Hz

Output adjustment fineness: 5Hz, 1Hz, 0.1Hz, 0.01Hz as optional.

Resolution: 0.001Hz

Accuracy: 0.002Hz

Voltage /Current/Harmonic Setting

Harmonic number: 2-51times

Harmonic content: 0-40%

Harmonic phase: 0-359.99

Harmonic setting accuracy: (10%±0.1%)RD(2)

Power Energy Measurement Error

Active power energy: 0.05%RG or 0.02% RG

Reactive power energy: 0.1%RG

Power Pulse Output

Power pulse type: active pulse, reactive pulse

Active power pulse output: 5V,  10mA

Pulse output frequency: Max 50kHz

Power Pulse Input

Pulse constant set range: (1--599999999)/kwh

Energy pulse type: support active and reactive pulse, the highest frequency power pulse input is 10KHz.

Meter Position

Position: 3, 6, 12, 20, 24, 40, 48pcs meter


Standard: IEC 62053-21,22, 23; IEC 60736;  ANSI C12.20-2002


Dimensions(mm): Cabinet size: 800 * 600 * 1850mm (L * W * H).

Bench size: 2 * 2400 * 760 * 1846mm (L * W * H).

Weight (kg): About 200


Ambient temperature: 0°C to +40°C

Relative humidity: 35%-85%



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