Guide GTIR800Z 无人机红外照相机 ( -20°C~150°C)



Infrared: 800x600

Visible light: 1280x720

Focal length

Infrared: 20mm F1.2

Visible light: 3mm F2.2

Image mode: Infrared, visible, infrared picture-in-picture, visible   picture-in-picture

Zoom mode

Infrared: One-button focus, micro-focusing +- 

Visible light: One-button focus

Image storage format: Infrared: JPG, Visible: JPG

Video storage format: Infrared: mp4, irgd; Visible: mp4

Temperature Measurement

Temperature range: -20°C~150°C

Accuracy: ±2°C or ±2% (whichever is greater)

Memory card type: MicroSD, support 128G

Working temperature: -20°C~55°C


Three-axis stabilization system: Azimuth, roll, pitch

Frame angle

Azimuth axis: -200°~200° 

Roller shaft: -45°~45° 

Pitch axis: -135°~45°

Remote angle

Azimuth axis: -180°~180° 

Pitch axis: -90° to 30°

Maximum rotation speed: >30°/s

Image stabilization performance: Image stabilization accuracy: ≤0.02°

Navigation Follow-up: Azimuth follows the body angle, pitch axis and roll axis stabilization image

Total weight: < 470g (Incl. junction box)

Size: 160mm×150mm×151mm

Installation method: Camera PTZ, Junction box machine, detachable

External interface: PWM,S-BUS, Serial port, RS-422



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