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GW INSTEK GDS-3654A 数字示波器 (650MHz, 4)

Bandwidth: 650MHz

Channels: 4

Record Length: 200M/CH

Real-time Sampling Rate: Max. 5 GSa/s

Built-in: Dual channel spectrum analyzer (DC-2.5GHz) with spectrogram



Channels: 4Ch+EXT

Bandwidth: DC~650MHz(-3dB) at 50W input impedance; DC~500MHz(-3dB) at 1MW input impedance

Calculated Rise Time: 535ns

Bandwidth Limit: 20M/100M/200M/300MHz


Source: 2CH models: CH1, CH2, Line , EXT; 4CH models: CH1 , CH2 , CH3 , CH4 , Line , EXT

Trigger Mode: Auto(Supports Roll Mode for 100ms/div and slower), Normal, Single

Trigger Type: Edge, Pulse Width(Glitch), Video, Pulse Runt, Rise & Fall(Slope),Time out, Alternate, Event-Delay(1~65,535 events),Time-Delay(Duration, 4ns~10s),Bus(I C,SPI,UART,CAN,LIN)


Range: ±20V 

Sensitivity: DC ~ 100MHz Approx. 100mV ; 100MHz ~ 350MHz Approx. 150mV

Input Impedance: 1MW±3% ~ 22pF


Range: 1ns/div ~ 1000s/div (1-2-5 increments); ROLL : 100ms/div ~ 1000s/di1ns/div ~ 1000s/div (1-2-5 increments); ROLL : 100ms/div ~ 1000s/div

Pre-trigger: 10 div maximum

Post-trigger: 10,000,000 divmax ( depend on time base )

Accuracy: ±5ppm, about ±2ppm increase in error per year


X-Axis Input /Y-Axis Input: Channel 1, Channel 3 (for 4CH models); Channel 2, Channel 4 (for 4CH models)

Phase Shift: ±3° at 100kHz


Channels: 2

Sample Rate: 200 Msa/s Vertical Resolution: 14 bits

Max. Frequency: 25 MHz

Waveforms: Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, DC, Noise, Sinc, Gaston, Lorentz, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Haversine, Cardiac

Output Range: 20 mVpp to 5 Vpp, HighZ;10 mVpp to 2.5 Vpp, 50W 

Output Resolution: 1mV

Output Accuracy: 2% (1 kHz)

Offset Range: ±2.5 V, HighZ;±1.25 V, 50W

Offset Resolution: 1mV


Frequency Range: DC ~ 2.5GHz(Max.) dual channel with spectrogram (based on advanced FFT). Notice: Frequency which exceeds analog front end bandwidth is uncalibrated Span: 1kHz ~ 2.5GHz(Max.)

Resolution Bandwidth: 1Hz ~ 2.5MHz(Max.)

Reference Level: -80 dBm to +40dBm in steps of 5dBm


Sample Rate: Per Channel 1GSa/s

Bandwidth: 200MHz

Record Length: Per Channel 10M pts (max)

Input Channels: 16 Digital (D15 - D0)

Trigger Type: Edge, Pattern, Pulse Width, Serial bus (I C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN), Parallel Bus

Dimensions & weight: 420(W) X 253(H) X 113.8(D)mm, Approx. 4.6 kg


User manual CD x 1, Power cord x 1

GTP-351R:350MHz 10:1 passive probe for GDS-3352A/3354A(one per channel)

Optional accessories:

GTP-033A 35MHz 1:1 Passive probe

GTP-352R  350MHz 20:1 Passive probe

GDP-025 25MHz High voltage differential probe

GDP-050 50MHz High voltage differential probe

GDP-100 100MHz High voltage differential probe

GCP-300 300kHz/200A Current probe

GCP-500 500kHz/150A Current probe

GCP-530 50MHz/30A Current probe

GCP-1000 1MHz/70A Current probe

GCP-1030  100MHz/30A Current probe

GTL-248 GPIB Cable, Double Shielded, 2000mm

GTL-110 Test lead, BNC to BNC connector

GTL-232 RS-232C cable, 9-pin female to 9-pin female, Null modem for computer

GTL-246 USB 2.0 cable, A-B type cable 4P, 1800mm GRA-443-E Rack Adapter Panel

GKT-100 Deskew Fixture



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