GYS PROTIG 201 DC FV MMA 和 TIG DC 焊接机 (1ph; 230V; 10-200A)

The PROTIG 201 DC FV (200 A) ensures high quality welds on mild and stainless steels thanks to its secondary regulation, its PFC power supply and its powerful HF ignition.. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to modify the parameters.


- Secondary regulation: ensures optimal arc stability and constant current in all positions.

- TIG DC: ensures a quality welding on all ferrous materials such as steel, stainless steel but also copper and its alloys...

- TIG DC Pulse up to 2000 Hz: control of the weld temperature, limit of the deformation and therefore enabling the assembly of thin sheets from 0,3 mm.

- SPOT adjustable from 0.1 to 60 sec: Fast and precise spot welding, ideal function for welding thin metal sheets. 

- 2 types of priming : Non-contact HF or contact LIFT for electrosensitive environments. 

- 3 trigger controls: 2T / 4T / 4T LOG.

- Automatic torch detection: compatible with lamella and double button torches with or without potentiometer.


- MMA: Basic and rutile electrodes (up to Ø 5 mm).

- Pulsed MMA facilitates welding in a vertical upright position 3 integrated welding supports:

     - AntiSticking Prevents the electrode from sticking when in contact with the workpiece.

     - Hot start: facilitates arc ignition and can be set in seconds according to the type of metal

     - Arc force: punctual increase of the current in difficult welding situation.

- VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) can be activated to lower the no-load output voltage  < 35 V.


Power supply: 230V, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz

Fuse: 16A

Normal current output (MMA): 10-200 A

Normal current output (TIG): 10-200 A

Maximum welding current: 200 A

No-load voltage: 70 V (< 30 V VRD activated)

Duty cycle (environment temperature at 40°C):

- TIG (230 V / 16 A)

     200 A/18 V @ 35%

     165 A/16.6 V @ 60%

     140 A/15.6 V @ 100%  

- MMA (230 V / 16 A)

     200 A/28 V @ 25%

     135 A/25.4 V @ 60%

     120 A/24.8 V @ 100%  

Dimensions (L x w x h): 41x20x28 cm

Weight: 10kg

Protection class: IP21

Standard: IEC 60974-1/3/10 A

Included accessories:

Torch TIG SR26DB - 4 m + Comsumable box, Electrode holder 200 A - 2 m + Earch cable 200 A - 2 m, 25 mm²




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