GYS EXATIG 高频发生器 (20-100V, 10-400A, no accessories)

The EXATIG is a high frequency (HF) generator for TIG welding on a range of DC current generators. Optimized for the EXAGON 400 CC/CV. The EXATIG allows HF arc ignition, gas synchronization, torch management and gas flow.


Extremely easy to use and operates directly from the power source without the need for an auxiliary power cable.


HF starting for non-pulsed DC TIG welding from any current 

generator. (PROGYS or other...)

Features :

- Pre-gas and post-gas fixed but internally modifiable.

- 2T/4T torch management

- HF ignition

- A flowmeter is integrated into EXATIG giving the operator the possibility to adjust the gas debit (argon) directly.

- Possibility of flow adjustment: 5-25 LPM (litre per minute).


The connection with the EXAGON allows to obtain all the TIG 

functions and to weld in HF or TIG Lift.

Functions :

Pre-gas/Post-gas: complete management of the welding cycle.

• TIG DC : continuous current for ferrous metals..

• TIG DC Pulse : reduces heat distortion of the workpiece. (Only on EXAGON 400 CC/CV).

• 2 types of start-up : HF (without contact) or LIFT (with contact) for electrosensitive environments.

• 2 trigger management: 2T and 4T.

• Automatic detection of the torch : compatible with trigger, double button and potentiometer torches.

• Remote adjustment of the current with the potentiometer torch.


MMA welding can be done directly by disconnecting the negative power cable and connecting the electrode holder to it, leaving the ground clamp in place. 


Welding current: 20-100 V

Welding current range (TIG): 10-400 A

Maximum welding current: 400 A

HF striking voltage: 9 kV

Duty cycle (environment temp. at 40°C): 270 A @ 60%; 220 A @ 100%

Dimensions (L x w x h): 34x26x16 cm

Weight: 6.5 kg

Standard: IEC 60974-3

Choosing suitable accessories when ordering.




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