GYS TITAN 400 DC WL PACK TIG DC, MMA 焊接机 (3ph; 400V; 400A; Torch ABITIG 450W L)


1. TITAN 400 DC

The perfect solution for accurate welding of high alloy metals, the TITAN 400 power source with its high duty cycle (400 A @ 60 %) is designed for the most demanding TIG and MMA welding applications. Its User friendly interface enables easy setup with large and simple controls. Equipped with TACK mode and spot function, the TITAN 400 is the preferred tool of the professional welder on pipework, tubular construction and stainless steel plate fabrications.


Versatile thanks to its 6 modes: 

- TIG DC : welding in continuous current.

- TIG DC Pulse : reduces heat distortion of the workpiece.

- 3 special welding processes:

      - SPOT mode: traditional spot welding before welding thin sheet metals.

      - TACK mode: very precise spot welding function free of oxidation reducing the risk of heat input causing deformation. The welding spots in TACK mode are invisible in the weld bead.

      - E-TIG mode: ensures a unified weld bead width and consistant penetration regardless the position of the torch in relation to the work piece (control of the welding energy).

- 2 types of Arc start-up: HF (without contact) or LIFT (with contact) for electro-sensitive 


- 3 trigger modes: 2T, 4T and 4T LOG.

- Automatic detection of the torch: compatible with trigger, double button and potentiometer torches.


- MMA: coated, rutile, basics and cellulosic electrodes (up to Ø 6 mm).

- MMA Pulse: Developed for vertical welding to reduce «sagging» and optimise penetration


Power supply: 400 V, 3 ph, 50/60 Hz

Fuse: 32A

Normal current output (MMA): 5-400 A

Normal current output (TIG): 3-400 A

Maximum welding current: 400 A

No-load voltage: 85 V 

Duty cycle (environment temperature at 40°C):


      400 A/36 V @ 60%

      360 A/34.4 V @ 100%


      400 A/26 V @ 60%

      360 A/24.4 V @ 100%

Dimensions (L x w x h): 75x30x54 cm

Weight: 40kg

Protection class: IP23

Standard: IEC 60974-1/3/10 A

2. Cooling unit WCU 1kW C- 013537

3. Torch ABITIG-450W-8m Trigger lamella: 037359

4. Trolley 10m3: 037328

5. Earth clamp with cable 600 A 4 m / 70 mm²- 043831




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