HAIDA HD-609 纸张拉伸强度试验机

Paper machine tensile strength test parameters:
Max. Force: 200 kg (2KN)
Load cell: Germany brand load cell for high accuracy
Control system: LCD / PC with windows 7 system
Motor: Panasonic servo motor w/ DC variable speed drive system, high-precision mechanical ball screw rod
Force reading: kgf, Ibf, N, KN, T etc
Stoke: 900mm including fixture
Load cell Resolution: 1/250,000
Load Precision: within ±0.5%
Test speed: 0.01~500mm/min (adjustable)
Software: TM 2101
Curves display: Load- elongation, Elongation-time, Time-elongation, Stress-strain
Data display: Max. force, speed, sample information, strength(Kpa, Mpa, N/mm, N/mm2) etc…
Safety features: E-Stop; Over-load protection; Upper and lower limit switches; Load sensor with automatic retreat


Product Introduce :
Paper tensile strength testing machine is mainly applied to paper, cardboard, plastic film and other non-metallic materials tensile strength, energy absorption was measured tensile elongation and resistance. You can measure the tensile strength, tensile strength, tensile index, tensile energy absorption, tensile energy absorption index, elongation, breaking length, etc.

1. Deformation under defined load: Test deformation under defined load of tested sample
2. Load under defined deformation: Test load under defined deformation of tested sample
3. Paper tensile strength testing machineSoftware can issue report with results for max. force, elongation, tensile strength, peel strength, tear strength, compression strength, etc.
4. This paper tensile strength testing machine can do different test as per customer requirement such as peel test, tear test, compression test, bend test with different clamps.

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