HAIDA HD-A503 纸箱爆破测试机

The parameters:
Capacity (Optional): High Pressure 0~100 Kg/ cm^2 (0.1kg/cm^2)
Unit (sitchable): Kpa, psi, kg/cm^2
Accuracy: ± 0.5%
Pressure Range: 250~5600kpa
Speed of Compression: High Pressure 170± 10ml/min
Specimen Clamping Force: >690kpa
Oil: 85% Glycerin; 15% Distilled Water 
Sensing method: Pressure Transmitter
Indicating Method: Digital
Display: LCD
Material of the Ring: Stainless Steel SUS304
Opening in Upper Clamp: 31.5 ± 0.05 mm Diameter
Opening in Lower Clamp: 31.5 ± 0.05 mm Diameter
Motor: Anti-vibration Motor 1/4 HP
Operation Method: Semi-automatic
Dimension (L×W×H): 430×530×520 mm
Weight: Approx. 64 kg
Power: 1 , AC220± 10%, 50 Hz
Power Capacity: 120W
Standard Configuration: Rubber Membrane 1 piece, Spanner 1 set, Correction Shim 10 sheets, Glycerin 1 bottle
Optional Configuration: Printer
Standard: JIS-L1004, L1018, L1031, K6328, P8131, P8112; ASTM-D2210; TAPPIT403TS-63; ISO2759-2001; GB/T1539


1.High quality with reasonable price
2.One year free after-sale service
3.Up to TAPPI-T804,ASTMD642

The product Description:
Bursting Strength Tester is fit for packaging materials, mainly used to measure a variety of single and multilayer cardboard and corrugated cardboard can also be used bursting strength of silk, cotton and other non-paper materials testing.

Besign standards:
JIS-L1004, L1018, L1031, K6328, P8131, P8112 and ASTM-D2210, TAPPI T403, ISO2759-2001, GB / T1539

1. The first to use large-screen LCD graphic display of Chinese characters (depending on field size: 90 × 50) technology;
2. friendly menu-driven LCD screen, clearly visible;
3. The three kinds of unit automatically switches (Ib / in2- pounds, Kgf / cm2- kg, Kpa- kPa)
4. With the real-time clock and calendar, a power-down protection of test data;
5. Be able to save power-down and double-page display last 99 test records;
6. With fast, high-quality micro-printer with full and detailed test data report

The picture of the machine:

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