HAIDA HD-A510-1 纸板戳穿强度试验机(0~428 Kg-cm)

The main technical parameters
Capacity: A) Scale 0~26.75 kg-cm
              B) Scale 0~53.5 kg-cm
              C) Scale 0~107 kg-cm
              D) Scale 0~214 kg-cm
              E) Scale 0~428 kg-cm
Unit ( optional): kg-cm, Joule, or designated
Sample: 175175mm, 300300mm
Impale Cone: height: 1
Radius of Curvature: 1.5 mm
Outside Dimension (LWH): 864380 mm
Weight: 135 kg


1. microcomputer control technology, LCD display
2. functions of test data processing

Cardboard puncture resistance testing machine is applicable to testing the puncture resistance strength of all kinds of corrugated cardboard.
Cardboard puncture resistance testing machine's parameter conform other elated regulation. It has the character is swift compaction, handler setting automatically and safety protection, the testing result is high precise and reliable. Also, it has the function of calculation, and can print the testing quantitative data and averagevalue.It is equipment of paper-making factory, research and quality super vision department.

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