HAIDA HD-A510-2 数显戳穿试验机(64N)

The Specification
The scope of tear strength: A:0~32N(By installing a small hammer A) 
B:0~64N(Significant increase in heavy hammer to installB) 
Tear length: 43mm 
Incision length: 20±0.2mm 
Sample size: 100(L)×63(W)mm
Force accuracy: ≤±1
Outside dimension: 400(L)×210(W)×395(H)mm
Weight: About 30Kg


1. Accurate, low-cost and high quality
2.Suitable for fabrics and textile
3. ASTM D 1424

The Usage
Paper Tear Strength Tester are falling pendulum tear paper testing equipment with analog display for the determination of the average force required to propagate a single-rip tongue-type tear starting from a cut in paper, cardboard, plastics, non-woven and woven fabrics, with proper configuration.

Paper Tear Strength Tester meeting ASTM standards is suitable for most fabrics including woven, layered blankets, napped pile, blanket, and air bag fabrics, and provided the fabric does not tear in the direction crosswise to the direction of the force application during the test. The fabrics may be untreated, heavily sized, coated, resin-treated, or otherwise treated. This test method covers the measurement of the average force required to propagate a single-rip tear starting from a cut in a non-woven fabric using a falling-pendulum (Elmendorf) apparatus.

The Feature:
Digital Tear Strength Tester F is of simple operation, reliable performance and advanced technology, and the test data is digitally displayed, test report is made by the printer. It is an ideal and necessary equipment for the scientific research units, paper company, packing industry and the quality inspection department.

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