HAIDA HD-A513-2 压缩试验机/ 耐拉伸能力/ 用于纸张 (200Kg, 0.00001)

The main technical parameters
Capacity (max): 200 kg
Unit: lbf, kgf, N
Resolution: 1/100,000
Load accuracy: Within 0.2%
Display Mode: LCD
Compressed Space: 80 mm
Test Speed: (10±3)mm/min
Dimension (L×W×H): 480×460×550 mm
Weight: 70 kg
Power: 1 phase, AC220V, 2A


The usage
Ring crush paper testing machines can do a full range of tests, which include Ring Crush Testing, Flat Crush testing, Edge Compressive Testing, Adhensive Strength Testing and other general compression tests, to a variety of materials like paper, packaging materials, etc. Ring crush paper testing machines is a multi-functional testing equipment.

1.Multi-fuction testing of paperboard,pasteboard
2.Can do RCT, FCT, ECT, PAT, CMT
3.Flat crush

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