HAIDA HD-A520 包装箱双翼跌落试验机(60kg,300-1500mm)

The Technical parameters:
Drop height: 300-1500mm (can be customized)
Display method: Digital display
Max. weight of sample: 60kg (can be customized)
Max. size of sample: (L*W*H) 800*800*800mm
Drop panel area: 400*600*10mm (material is Solid steel plate)
Control box dimension: (L*W*H) 350*350*1100mm
Deviation of drop horizon: Less than 1°


1.Test the damage degree when the package is dropped
2.CE certificated
3.Reasonable price

1. Function
Drop Impact Test Machine For Packaging Boxis used to test the damage degree when the package is dropped, and test the impact resistance of the package during transportation, for example, to test the surface, edge and angle of the package through free-drop method.

2. Operation of control chamber
A. Drop Impact Test Machine adopts electromagnet control system to control the dropping swing
B. Drop Impact Test Machine has automatic return function, electric dropping and electro-motion rising device and dropping test function
C. The testing height can be digital set up.
Test standards: GB/T4857.5,ISO 2248,JIS Z0202,ASTM D5276

3. Configuration
Outside material: advanced paint coat
Display: LCD display
Power system:drive device(imported motor + speed reducer +Axel+ upper and lower limitation + spring +electromagnet)+ dropping device(dropping standard board +magnet + safety spacing push rod + automatic return back + digital alto-meter +encoder + hydraulic pressure buffering device)
Control system: adopting electromagnet sensor control, the interface is easy to operate, high degree automatic control
Safety device:upper and lower limitation device, automatic off-power device if electricity leakage occurs
Accessories:electric wire 1 piece, guarantee certificate 1 piece, operational manual 1 piece

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