HAIDA HD-A521-1 模拟运输振动试验机仪(60-300转/分; 0.5T)

Max. Test Load: 0.5T
Frequency Range: 60-300 round/min adjustable
Amplitude Range: 25.4 mm P-P(1 inch)
Programmable Digital Timer: 0.1second ~99.59hours
Vibration Mode: reciprocating
Woke Table Size (L×W×H): 2090×1600×1615 mm
Fence Height: 1000 mm
Power Capacity: 5.3 HP
Weight: 1200 Kg
Speed Mode: DC converter or AC Frequency Control
Power: 380V/220V, 50 Hz


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   Electronic Digital Carton Transportation Vibration Test Equipment is used to test the anti-vibration capabilities of large pieces of furniture, household appliances, office furniture and other large objects, as well as the simulated transport vibration test of the packaged products, to assess the degree of vibration-resistance.

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