HAIDA HD-A523 斜面冲击试验机

Specification for type 16
Covers an area of ( length x width of 5500 x 1630 mm
Sliding length 1800 mm
The striking plate height of 1630 x 2400 mm
Block ( 1600 X1000 mm wide and X long )

Remark: customer should equip the air-compressor by themselves

Design standard
Test standard : ISTA-1E


Incline impact tester is simulated the impact strength of packaging in the real circumstance of transport . Slope impact test machine is apply to the pile up of goods , slide of electromechanical , loading of the engine , transportation of product . This product is also can supply as the test machine to scientific research institution , college , packaging technique test centre , packaging material manufacture and foreign trade or transport department .

1 . Flexible location motor-driven pulley . It is easy to fix and achieve the velocity change .
2 . The height of slope is relatively low so that is benefit of fix the specimen ; strong impact resistance board , guarantee the fastness of the structure .
3 . The pulley can be adjusted to horizontal in order to fix the specimen for customer . The angular adjustment can be driven by cylinder which is flexible and convenience .
4 . In order to keep the test staff completely safe the tester support remote control operating .
5 . The customer only need to fix the machine on the ground when stalling , no other complicated operation convenient for test .

Operation instruction
Test step:
1 . Connect the inlet air tube and air compressor and open air compressor
2 . Power on and turn on power switch the light will be bright
3 . Put the packaged product located in a central position and then put the pallet which has packaged products close to impact surface ( as picture A ) ; if the size of product package is same as pallet , the product should be vertical close to impact surface ( as picture B )

                                 (picture A)                                                                                         (picture B)
4 . Press up to make the rolling carriage rise to squareto condition with impact surface or rise a certain angle in accord with customer’s requirement .
5 . Let the rolling carriage which has packaged product try the test and to determine whether need adjust the acceleration or not , and then adjust the slide distance , when reach the request velocity , now it will display the test velocity & test time on velocity display and time display
6 . Setting the test times cycle in counter
7 . Press start to start the test , and also will display the test velocity & test time on velocity display and time display
8 . The tester will automatic stop when finish the setting times
9 . Press down button to make rolling carriage drop to the parallel position with base ; and then take down the samples to check the condition after impact test
10 . Make the test in accord with the step 2~8 and record the all test result
11 . Turn off air compressor and power switch after finishing test

Clean : Keep instrument clean at any time .
Antirust : Spray antirust oil on the instrument one time regularly .
Engine oil : Refuel lubricant oil on the moving parts of the instrument regularly ( choose regular engine oil is ok ) .

Quality guarantee
A ) Quality assurance items
The guarantee period with FOC within one year ( not including nonexpendable & transport and travel fees )
During the guarantee period , Haida shall supply free maintenance or replacement for the damaged part ( just for nonexpendable part ) induced by non-human damage ;
If any quality problems occurs within the guarantee period , and Haida must provide on-site service , the transport and travel expense shall be borne by customer ;
If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period , Haida will provide a maintain service , the transport and travel expense shall be borne by customer , also charge for a favorable price ;
Haida will provide a lifetime favorable price to the buyer with the materials and spare parts used in system operation , equipment maintenance ;
B ) The main quality warranty maintenance certificate
If there is any dispute please refer to our guarantee letter , so :
① please keep the guarantee letter , if you lost it , please connect with us in a month .
② If the guarantee letter has been altered or it has no our stamp , it is useless .
C ) The following conditions need to be paid reasonably even in the assurance period :
① Natural reasons
② Operating mistakes
③ Voltage is not fit for our operation instruction
④ Repack it without our guides
⑤ Damaged for borrowing to others
⑥ Damaged for authorized machine modification
⑦ Damaged for authorized calibration
⑧ Authorized transshipment mistake
⑨ Serve for long distance area
D ) Attentions
① Any service outside Guangdong , China , transport and travel fees shall be paid by customer .
② The apparatus try not to be used in the following situations :
a . Vibration , rocking the occasion .
b . Direct sunlight .
c . Hot , dusty , damp places .
d . To ensure safe , AC supply of the machine should be well grounded .
e . Do not use strong solvents ( such as : benzene , nitro oil ) washing machine .
f . Do not inject water and debris into the machine ; prevent damage to electrical components and electrical shock .
g . Instrument displays the disassembly and debugging can only be measured by the State Department approved the units and the company , other people not allowed to overhaul .

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