HAIDA HD-A809 纸张柔软度测定仪

Technical parameters:
1. model:HD-A809
2. Testing range: 10~1000mN
3. Value error: ±1% (within 20% of out range test can allow to 1mN more than the testing range)
4.total stroke of Probe : 12±0.5mm
5. Probe pressing depth:8+0.5mm
6. Probe neutral error: ≤0.05mm
7. overall dimension :240×300×280(mm)
8. weight:about 10kg


Paper Softness Testing Machine simulates the feeling of softness when people touch the specimen. And Paper Softness Testing Machine is used to test the softness of daily tissue , tobacco and fiber products .
Paper Softness Testing Machine is designed according to GB/T8942-2002(Paper Determination of softness) .Paper Softness Testeris made with digital circuit technology whose core is chip computer, and it is with advanced technology, complete function, reliable features and easy operation etc..And it is the ideal tester for paper manufacturer, scientific institutions and commercial inspection departments.

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