HAIDA HD-A845 凹版油墨展色仪 (300线/英寸)

Seal face width : 70mm .
The number of roller line from the 60 line to 300 line / inch optional .
( 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200, 220, 250, 300 lines )


Field of application
   The surface strength, ink proofing machine paper refers to the bond strength between the surface of the fiber, paper sizing material, filler or paper surfacecoating particles and coating and paper base, representing the ability of paper in the printing process anti ink splitting force. The paper surface strength testing isvery important for paper-making enterprises, enterprises can through the paper surface strength tester , printability tester , surface strength tester with detectiondata according to the different kinds of paper surface strength of different levels of demand, adjust the pulping process, pulp ratio, filler, adhesive, pressing and drying curve, link, the quality can meet the cost requirement and to the lowest. The paper printability tester is equivalent to a small printing machine, can be used for paper surface strength and printing smoothness, roughness, inkabsorption, transfer ink, printing density ( to be equipped with special accessories ) and other printing adaptability test. The paper printing ink , printing materials and printing adaptability test for paper mills , printing , printing ink factoryetc. Standard GB/T22365-2008 " with paper and board -- Determination of printing surface strength of paper and board " ISO3783-2006 ". Determination of resistance to picking " QB/T 1020-2010 " paper and cardboard printability usingstandard ink "

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