HAIDA HD-AA508 油墨摩擦阻力测试仪 (908g/2LB; 1810g/4LB)

Ink rub resistance tester is applicable to testing ink layer of materials like labels, folding cartons, corrugated boxes, etc.

Display: LED display and Microcomputer control

Specimen size: Minimum Size: 230×50 mm

Friction speed: 43 times/min (21, 43, 85, 106 times/min, adjustable)

Friction load: 908g (2LB), 1810g (4LB)

Friction stroke: 60 mm

Friction area: 50×100 mm

Frequency setting: 0~9999 times, auto-shutdown

Outside dimension (L×W×H): 330×300×410mm

Weight: 15Kg

Power: AC220V, 60W



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