The main technical parameters:
Operating Method: Microcomputer Control
Display: LCD
Specimen Size: Minimum Size: 230×50 mm
Friction Speed: 43 times/min ( 21,43,85, 106 times/min, adjustable)
Friction Load: 908g ( 2LB), 1810g (4 LB)
Friction Stroke: 60 mm
Friction Area: 50×100 mm
frequence Setting: 0~9999 times, auto-shutdown
Outside Dimension (L×W×H): 430×335×405 mm
Weight: 40 Kg
Power: AC220V, 60W


1. LCD Touch screen control interface
2. Automatic stop when reach setting times
3. New design modle

The Application:
Ink Rubbing Fastness Testing Instrument is used to test the paper and paperboard with high smoothness, Which not apply to test materials that thickness over 0.5mm or the paper and paperboard with good air permeability.

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