HAZDUST AS-2000 便携气象站

Barometric Pressure: Range: 28.25 to 30.75 inches Hg 
Wind Speed: Range: 0 to 125 mph  (0-57 m/s)     
Wind Direction: Range: 0-360° 
Relative Humidity: Range: 0-100% RH 
Solar Radiation (optional) 
 Data Acquisition Module 
Reporting units: English or Metric, all measurements 
Operating power: 10-16 Vdc 
Power consumption: 60 mA maximum 
Serial port: 9-pin d-sub connector, 
selectable baud rate, flow control 
Memory: 128KB RAM, nonvolatile (45 days 
at 15 minute intervals with 
6 sensors) Expandable to 256KB or 512KB. 



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