Hettich HAEMATOKRIT 200 小型毛细管离心机(24标准毛细管,13000rpm)

Application:  Haematology: Haematocrit determination for diagnostic purposes; Sports medicine: Haematocrit determination in doping tests; Neonatal medicine: Sample preparation for photometric bilirubin determination in the blood of neonates
Max. capacity  in haematocrit rotor: 24 standard capillary tubes
Max. speed: 13000rpm
Max. RCF: 16060
Dimensions (H x W x D): 228 x 261 x 353 mm
Weight: approx 10 kg
Refrigeration: Air cooling
Frequently used rotors:
+ Haematocrit rotor for 24 standard capillary tubes, max. RCF 16,060 – catalogue No. 2076 (Option)
+ Disk rotor for 20 capillary tubes for Buffy Coat analysis, max. RCF 16,060 – catalogue No. 2056 (Option)
Rotor: Option below



Hematocrit rotor, 24-place
Angle: 90°
RPM max.: 13,000  min−1
RCF max.: 16060
Cat. No. 2076
Disk rotor, 20-place, for buffy coat analysis
Angle: 90°
RPM max.: 13,000 min−1
RCF max.: 16,060
Cat. No. 2056


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