DDBJ-350 便携式电导率仪

1.Double digits LCD display with big screen and blue back light, display conductivity value and temperature value
2.It can be used to measure conductivity, TDS, salinity and temperature.
3.Automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration, automatic range changing and electricity cutting off protection
4.Measurement results can be stored, deleted, consulted and printed. It can store at most 50 sets of measurement data.
5.With RS-232 interface, Model TP-16 printer can be connected
6.With calibration function, can set electrode constant and TDS switching coefficient
7.Measuring ultrapure water with using K=0.01cm-1 titanium alloy electrode and sealing measuring cell
8.Connecting PC with the meter with selecting data soft
9.Grade of the case protection is IP65, resistant to water and dirt, suitable for field operation.       
1. Measurement range:
Conductivity: 0-1.999´105 uS/cm(be divided into five ranges and can range changing automatically)
                     0-19.99 uS/cm        20.0-199.9 uS/cm
                     200.0-1999 uS/cm     2.00-19.99 mS/cm        20.0-199.9 mS/cm
TDS:             0.00-19900 mg/L(be divided into five ranges and can range changing automatically)
                    0.00-10.00 mg/L         10.0-100.0 mg/L        100.0-1000 mg/L
                    1.00-10.00 g/L          10.0-19.99 g/L
Salinity:        0.0-80 ppt〔(0.0-8.00)%〕
Temperature: 0.0-40.0° C
2.Electrode constant, cm-1:0.01. 0.1,
3. Accuracy of the electronic unit: Conductivity: ±1.0%(FS) ±1bit
                                                           Salinity:     ±0.2%±1.bit
                                                           Temperature: ±0.3° C ±1.bit
4. Stability of the electronic unit: ±0.7%(FS) ±1bit/3h
5.Accuracy  ±1.5%(FS) ±1 bit
6.The range of temperature compensation: 0.0-40.0° C
Standard Configuration:
1.    Main instrument                         1;
2.    AA Salinity Battery                     4;
3.    Platinum-black Electrode           1;
4.    Temperature Sensor                  1;
5.    Suitcase                                     1;
6.    Data Collecting software             1;
7.    RS-232 Communication software  1;
8.    TP-16 Print Connection Line         1;
Optional accessories:
1.    DJS-1 bright Electrode
2.    DJS-10 Conductivity Electrode
3.    DJS-0.1 Platinum Electrode
4.    DJS-0.01 Titanium Alloy Electrode
Overall dimension & weight:
Shipping package dimension: 355-335-135mm;
Gross weight:              3kgs;
Net Weight:                2kgs.


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