HINOTEK GTOP-1000Y 智能照明培养箱 (1000L, 0~50 ℃, 50~90% RH, 5500LUX)

Technical parameters of light box (light incubator):

Volume: 1000L

Temperature control range: 0~50℃(without light), 10~50℃(with light)

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

Temperature uniformity: ±1℃

Humidity control range: 50%~90%RH

Humidity fluctuation: ±7%RH

Programmable number of segments for temperature, humidity, and light: LCD 1~99 time periods fully automatic

Illumination level: 0~10 level

Illumination: 0~5500LUX

Life: 100,000 hours at room temperature; Note: All incubators of our company can increase the light intensity according to user requirements

Optional networking mode: the standard version uses RJ45 networking. If the network cable is inconvenient, you can purchase a WIFI module for networking.

External Size: (L*W*H): 1230*708*1865mm

Inner Size: (L*W*H): 1230*600*1270


Features of light box (light incubator):

1. Large-screen LCD screen display, Chinese guide operation process, simple operation, precise control, blue backlight, easy to view at night.

2. Mirror surface stainless steel liner is adopted, and the four corners are semi-circular arc transition. The partitions or partitions in the box can be removed without tools, which is convenient for disinfection and cleaning of the studio.

3. The program can be set to time, temperature, illuminance and other gradient control. Time period control 99-segment programming, each time period is 1-99 hours, and different segment parameters can be set to meet the different parameters of plant growth.

4. It has the function of over-temperature protection and sensor abnormality protection to ensure the safety of the instrument and the sample. It is equipped with LED growth light, which has more uniform illumination and higher illumination, which is beneficial to the growth of plants and improves disease resistance.

5. Intuitive display of Beijing time, remaining time of the period, light level, temperature in the box and ambient temperature. The inner tank is equipped with a temperature protection device, and the software and hardware automatically cut off the power when the temperature is higher than the inner tank protection temperature to protect the test sample.

6. With sterilization function, set the sterilization time, the sterilization function will be automatically closed when the sterilization time is over.

7. It has the functions of power-down memory and power-down time automatic compensation, and the original working state can be continued after the power is turned on again.

8. The incubator light source adopts LED light source suitable for plant growth, which has the advantages of low energy consumption and low heat, and the illuminance is adjustable in 3 levels.

9. A network port can be installed, and the network type can view the current working conditions of the cabinet and historical temperature and humidity operating data in real time on the WeChat and PC terminals, and the PC terminal can export historical data. (Optional)


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