PHS-3G 酸度ph计

* Large screen, LCD display,dual parameter.
* Automatic buffer recognition and two-point calibration
* It has the function of manual temperature compensation.
* The instrument is equipped with electromagnetic mixing.
* It is equipped with E-201-C-Q9 pH combined electrode.
Spec PHS-3G
Instrument Degree 0.01 Degree
Measuring Parameters PH, mV(ORP)
Measure Range PH: (-2.00~19.99)pH
mV: (-1999~1999)mV
Resolution PH: 0.01pH
Accuracy pH:±0.01pH±1 bit
Stability ±(0.01pH±bit)/3h
Instrument Function Temperature compensation range: Manual(0.0~60.0) Deg.C
Two points calibration
Auto Identification of standard buffer solution 4.00PH, 6.86PH, 9.18PH
Electromagnetic mixing
Power 220V or 110V
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