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HINOTEK SGW-533 高速自动旋光仪 (±90°, ±259°Z, 0.001°)

Measurement mode: Optical rotation, specific rotation, sugar degree and concentration(Custom)

Frequently used methods: 300

Light source: Light-emitting diode(LED) (up to 100000 hours) + precision interference filters

Working wavelength: 589.44nm (Sodium D Spectrum)

Measurement range: ±90°(Rotation); ±259°Z(Sugar)

Minimum reading: 0.001°

Accuracy: ±0.004°

Repeatability: ≤0.002°

Min. transmission of samples able to be measured: 0.05%

Response speed: 8°/S

Measurement time: 6 times/26s

Sample temperature control: Yes

Temperature Control mode: Peltier(Built-in)

Temperature Control range: 10-50℃

Temperature Control accuracy: ±0.2℃

Operation system: WINDOWS

Display: 8-inch color dot matrix touch LCD

Calibration method: Multi-point automatic calibration

Data storage: 16G Database

GMP Regulations: Qualified

Output communication interface: USB/Keyboard/Mouse/Universal Printer/VGA/Ethernet/Optical wireless card for wireless internet access

Test tubes: 200mm,100mm(regular);    100mm(temp control)

Optional tubes: 50mm(regular);     200mm(temp control)

Weight(Gross): 36kg

Dimensions: 860mmx510mmx470mm



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