Hitachi ADC-1121 α、β探测器(Alpha,Beta)

Radiation Detected: Alpha, Beta 
Detector: ZnS (Ag) Scintillator + Plastic Scintillator
Detection area: 100cm2
Instrument Efficiency 
+ α : 35%/2π±25%, and more than 30%/2π (30%/2π to 43.7%/2π) by 241Am
+ β : 40%/2π±25% (30%/2π to 50%/2π) by 36Cl
* 0.5cm between detector and source
Counting Rate Range
+ α : 0 to 10ks-1, 0 to 100kmin-1
+ β : 0 to 10ks-1, 0 to 300kmin-1 (Reading in Bq/cm2 on TDC-9111)
Others: Switches to change time constant and save data, and LED lights
Weight: Approx. 320 g (excluding cable and protection cover)

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