Hitachi LUCREST ICS-1323 电离室辐射巡测仪 (0.3μSv ~ 10Sv; 1.00μSv / h ~ 1.00Sv / h)

- Radiation detected: Gamma, X-ray and Beta 
- Detector 
+ Cylindrical ionization chamber
+ Effective chamber volume : Approx. 400cm3
+ Beta detection window : Approx. 12mg/cm2 PC film, 
+ 45cm2 of detection window
+ Beta shield : Thickness : Approx. 500mg/cm2 thickness
- Measurement range
+ Dose rate: 1.00μSv/h to 1.00Sv/h 
+ Dose: 0.3μSv to 10Sv
-Accuracy : Relative response: 0.91 to 1.11 (at 5mSv/h reference, equivalent to ±10% relative indication error)
- Energy dependence: Within ±15% from 30keV to 1.5MeV (Ref. 137Cs)
- Display 
+ Dose Rate (Sv/h): 0.00μ to 9.99μ, 10.0μ to 99.9μ, 100μ to 999μ, 1.00m to 9.99m, 10.0m to 9.99m, 100m to 999m, 1.00
+ Dose (Sv): 0.00μ to 9.99μ, 10.0μ to 99.9μ, 100μ to 999μ, 1.00m to 9.99m, 10.0m to 99.9m, 1.00 to 10.0
- Switches: Power, HOME, RESET, memory, touch panels
- Alarm: Settings on the screen, sound with LED blinking
- Scaler Mode 
+ Preset time: 1 to 9,999 sec, endless measurement by selecting 0 sec (max. 10Sv) 
+ Repeat time: 5 times at max
- Earphone: Earphone adapter socket for Micro USB is required
-Data Saving 
+ Continuous or instantaneous data storage 
+ A folder includes data for max.100 days (total 144,000 data when recording the continuous data at 60-second interval for 100 days)
- Output: USB2.0, Mass storage class
- Power 
+ Primary battery: 4 AA alkaline batteries 
+ Secondary battery: 4 AA NiMH batteries
- Battery life: Operation for 80 hours and longer by AA Alkaline batteries, for 60 hours and longer by AA NiMH batteries
- Environmental requirements in operation 
+ Temperature : -10 to +40 degrees C
+ Humidity : 90%RH or less (Non-condensing)
Dimensions: Approx. (W) 10 x (D) 19 x (H) 12 cm. (excluding the grip and protrusions)
Weight: Approx. 730g (including the batteries and the cap strap)
Dust/Water Proof: IP65 (except for when connected to USB cable)

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