Hongdu HD-7302 Flexible Wire Softness Testing Machine (2~40A)

Input power: AC 380V±10% 50HZ, Three-phase four-wire power supply

Leakage switch: 3P, 32A, Belt protection

Output power: 3500W

Motor Power: AC 120W/220V

Car speed: 0.33m/s(Second round), 0.1m/s (Three rounds of scratch)

Car trip: 1m

Test voltage: Single phase, AC 0~220V continuously adjustable, 50HZ

                     Three-phase, AC 0~380V continuously adjustable, 50HZ

Test current: 2~40A Adjustable

Testing frequency: 0 to 999999 times (can be preset)

Pulley diameter: Ordinary two-wheeled: Ф60, Ф80, Ф120, Ф160, Ф200

Weight: 0.5KG, 1KG, 2KG, 3KG, 7KG, 14KG, 21N, 28N

Failure judgment: 1. The test line is broken;

                             2. Test line short circuit;

                             3. The test line is shorted to ground.

Qualified judgment: When the line to be tested reaches the set number of tests, the machine stops working.

Volume: 2000mm×600mm×1650mm

Weight: About 500KG



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