Hongdu HD-8120 Heating Deformation Testing Machine (±20°C~200°C)

The conditions of use

- Power supply: 220V 50Hz

- Ambient temperature: 5~35°C

- Ambient humidity: ≤85%R.H

- Power: 3.5KW

The performance indicators

- Power supply: AC 220V

- Current: MAX 15A

- Temperature range Room temperature: ±20°C~200°C temperature digital display, temperature control PID adjustment

- Temperature fluctuation: 0.5% (calculated at the highest temperature)

- Temperature uniformity: ± 1% (calculated at the highest temperature)

- Distribution error: ±3°C

- Heating time: from normal temperature to 200°C, about 40 minutes.

- Machine structure and material:

+ inner box size: length 600mm * depth 400mm * height 350mm

+ outer box size: length 1070mm * width 560mm * height 880mm

+ inner box material: SUS #304 stainless steel

+ outer box material: 1.25mm A3 steel, using electrostatic baking paint

+ insulation material: high density asbestos

+ heater: a set of solenoid heater: 220V 3.2KW



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