Hongdu HD-8819 Coupler Temperature Rise Test Machine (200°C±2%)

Input power: 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz

Fuse: 10A/250VAC

Output power: 2000W

Temperature range: Room temperature ~200°C±2%

Time limit: 0.01s-99h99m99s

Thermocouple type: High precision K-type thermocouple

Socket installation: 2.5A/250V 8 suffix socket (C8) 1;

                               2.5A/250V Mickey Mouse Socket (C6) 1;

                               1A/250V suffix socket (C14) 1;

                               2A/250V suffix sockets (C20) 2;

Standard configuration: The above standard socket is used, and the copper socket needs to be customized

Test environment: Temperature 25±10% 50±30%RH

Dimensions: 720×370×410 (Width × depth × height)

Weight: About 50Kg



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