Hongdu HD-KL-3C Durable Plug and Pull Tester (AC 220V±10%, 3A 50/60HZ)

Input power: AC 220V±10%, 3A 50/60HZ

Fixture: Six groups, the fixture is adjustable up, down, left and right

Test station: Six stations

Test block: Four 72PCS

Testing frequency: 0 to 999999 (arbitrary setting)

Speed display: 100 to 600 times / hour

Speed adjustment: 100 to 600 times / hour frequency adjustment

Ambient temperature: 0~40℃

Environment humidity: ≤85%

Mode selection: Manual and automatic modes

End of test: The sample reaches the set number of tests and the machine stops automatically.

Use environment: A place where there is no violent shaking, impact, vibration, or corrosive air.

Dimensions: 500×670×1190mm (Length × width × height)



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